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Les Folies / Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall

Oggi 17 Marzo Kylie si è esibita all’Heineken Music Hall (HMH) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, vicino all’ Amsterdam Arena (Amsterdam South-East). La sala grande (anche chiamata Black Box) viene usata per i concerti, è stata disegnata in modo specifico per la musica pop, sebbene diverse rock band si siano esibite più volte in passato.

Serata davvero emozionante per 2 fans invitati sul palco da Kylie a quanto sembra grazie ad una maglia creata da loro riconosciuta da Kylie in più concerti.

Ecco la descrizione originale
These two girls went to each concert of Kylie´s tour in Germany (and one in Amsterdam), so they planned for their last show to get on the stage like many other fans before during Kylie´s part at the little stage.

So they decided to make a big sign for her which say:
“We´ve 1 wish 4 last concert 2night. Please sign our t-shirts….
we “love” (as a heart symbol) to hug u for that.”

Kylie recognice them when she said “I think You´ve been to a lot of concerts where you´ve been singing and screaming on”.

At least they get before also the chance to met her in person “in real life”, because on their t-shirts is a photo on the back from them with Kylie.

Their wish was, that if they get picked, someone should shoot the whole thing, so here you are :D.

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