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Our Video Message for Kylie

Kylie: your italian Fan club needs you!!
This is what we screamed during our latest event arranged to welcome back to Italy!

The national event took place at Loolapaloosa, the location is one of the most appreciated club in Milan. It’s situated in the center of the Milan “Movida” and it’s called

The event was made in cooperation with Microsoft Dance Central and Barley Arts.

During the past few weeks we spread some announces about this party using our website communication channels and social networks. We got a good feedback from the fanbase infact we had a strong participation!
Over 300 fans attended our event and more 30 journalists!

The party started at 7.00 pm and last until deep night. There was free food tastes to welcome the fans coming from over Italy and other European countries. Never seen images about the cooperation between Dolce & Gabbana have been displayed. The Dj played and mixed the most famous Kylie Minogue’s songs.

During the evening fans took part in some contests and received some prizes: gadgets, promo and other materials created especially for this unique event.

Here’s the video message dedicated to Kylie

Limited Edition Prize’s Box!

Fans Video Messages

Singing Tears of my pillow


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