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By 4 Aprile 2011News

Kylie talks to Andrei Harmsworth about dressing up, the furture and emotionally about her love for her gay following!

As Kylie’s Aphrodite – Les Folies Tour kicks off in the UK, Andrei Harmsworth chatted to the gay goddess in an exlusive interview with GaydarRadio about dressing up – and dressing down – her hot boyfriend and why Aphrodite might be her last ever album.

Are you nervous about your big come back?!
Actually, I think it’s more exciting than nerve wracking, but adrenaline makes you feel a little bit of both, so the adrenaline definitely still rises.

I hear the crowd and I just hope that everything goes the way it’s meant to go, or at least, whether it does or it doesn’t, that we have a great show.

Do you ever have moments where you sing the wrong lyric or move the wrong way and just think, ‘Oh my god’, and just cover it up?
Have you been to one of my shows? [Laughs]. I mess up the lyrics quite often. It’s not because I don’t know them. I just – it’s weird, the littlest distraction can just put me off kilter.

Anyway, it just goes to show that it’s a live show and half the time I just have to laugh – especially if I really stuff up something that’s, like, ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ or something really iconic. [Laughs].

“It’s a live show and half the time I just have to laugh – especially if I really stuff up something that’s, like, ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ or something really iconic”

The costumes are pretty amazing – we’ve seen lots of pictures of them. They’ve just arrived in Britain, so do you ever take any of them home and have a bit of fun with Andres? Do you dress him up in them?
You have quite an imagination, don’t you? No, I don’t take them home, I don’t get dressed and wear them. [Laughs]. Although, he kindly agreed to be filmed for the screen in a song called ‘Cupid Boy’, and Willie and I, my creative husband, tried to get him into a fig leaf. Andres wasn’t having any of it, but we did manage to get him into little pants, so we did okay. [Laughs].

‘m sure all the backing dancers would have been pleased. Now, we met right at the beginning, when you launched the album in Ibiza and London, so we’ve seen the whole journey now. People are always speculating about your career – where it’s going to go next and if you’ll be taking a break. We’ve also spoken about acting before. Now you’re on stage, how are you feeling about your long term musical career?
Hmm, that’s a really good question because I’m thinking about it a lot. I think when you’re doing something, like when you’re on tour, you know for sure what you’re doing from this date to that date. I find with every tour I think a lot about what to do afterwards. I don’t know if I would rush into doing another pop album.

I’m playing with a few other ideas of something else to do, which is inspired by some of the promotion we did for Aphrodite. I did live lounge performances and acoustic performances – different interpretations of my songs and other songs. There was such a great response to that, so I might do something along those lines.

I would definitely love to do acting. I don’t know where or how, but I’m scratching ’round and seeing what’s available for me. I would love to have a holiday in August – that’s one thing I would like to happen at the end of this tour, but I don’t know. Life always throws up a surprise of one sort or another, so we’ll see, but I would love to branch out and do some different types of performing.

“Willie and I, my creative husband, tried to get him into a fig leaf. Andres wasn’t having any of it, but we did manage to get him into little pants, so we did okay”

We saw you do your collaboration with Taio Cruz and I absolutely love ‘Higher’ – I’ve always got it on loop at work. Now, what about one-off collaboration? Everyone went into a frenzy after you tweeted Britney the other week.
Oh yeah!

All the gays were like, Britney! Kylie! Britney! Kylie! Would you ever be up for doing anything with her at all, teaming up with Britney? That would be our dream come true.
Oh yeah! [Laughs]. I think that would be awesome. I’ve met her before and I know we’ve worked with some of the same people that have put her tours together, and yeah, I think she’s great.

I tweeted that because there is one song from the deluxe addition called ‘He About to Lose Me’ that is literally in my head before I go to sleep. I play it off my computer and I just wanted to say that I was excited about it – and she was glad to hear it. Yeah, of course, of course! That would be great.

You might have a mild apoplexy if that was to happen, so we’d have to give you fair warning. [Laughs]. You know, it might never happen, but I’m sure it would be a great thing.

Your first gig is in Cardiff, Wales. You’ve got Welsh blood in you, so it’s a bit tricky because you’re a London girl, you’re from Australia, your roots are Welsh and the rugby World Cup is coming up. Who the hell you going to be backing?
Oh! And you’re asking me this the day that I’m in Cardiff? Er, that’s tricky but I’m probably going to go with the Aussies. I am Aussie born, after all. But, hey, may the best team win.

You’re taking this tour over to America, is that right?
Once we’ve finished the UK, we’ve got three club gigs in Japan, assuming that’s all well and that we can still go there. If we can, then I will be there just to show support and put on a good show.

Then we go to North America. We’re more or less taking this show, but there are elements we can’t take because I’ll be performing in some theatres and some smaller venues over there. There’s this huge, monstrous stage and we won’t be taking the whole thing. We will be taking most of it and it will still be a great show. I’m very excited about taking the show over there and then we’re heading Down Under.

Well, here at GaydarRadio you’re kind of like our goddess or god or ruler. How important are your gay fans to you?
Immensely important, but I’d like to include in that that it’s all fans. I just have to look out at the audience at my shows to see there are a lot of gay fans out there and in a strange way I feel like I’m home, I’m so in the bosom and it’s very comforting and it’s very exciting. It doesn’t make me lazy because it’s comfortable because a gay audience can be very opinionated as well. They still want the quality and they, along with the rest of my audience, help me to try and deliver that.

But I would say my gay audience helped me way back when times weren’t the easiest for me by showing me so much support. It was like having an army behind me and I think that’s where the marriage happened and it’s been a love affair ever since.

It certainly has…
It’s a marriage that’s lost no momentum.

It’s a marriage that never goes wrong.
I hope not! [Laughs]


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