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La nostra Kylie è presente con un interessante articolo nel prossimo numero della rivista settimanale francese PARIS MATCH. L’ articolo è accompagnato da 3 nuovi meravigliosi scatti che vi mostriamo qui di seguito.

L’ intervista:

Paris Match. You celebrate your 25 year career. How do you constantly reinvent yourself?
Kylie Minogue. If I felt I already know everything, I could not move anymore. When I was a kid, I sang “Grease” before my toothbrush as if I was holding a microphone. It was not written that I would become a star, but I already knew that playing and singing was part of my DNA.

What remains there of adolescence?
The risk appetite. I am mad with happiness when I learned that I had committed Leos Carax for “Holy Motors”, but I was terrified at the same time: Unlike when I shot an entire entourage, I had decided, as I started, to take care of myself. It was a release but also a great source of anxiety.

How do you manage feelings of insecurity and fear associated with this business?
Telling me it’s like that for everyone. Without applause, life would seem very silent.

… And out of this world you make to reality?
It’s like drugs: adrenaline is so high up that the descent can be terrible. For this reason, I prefer to define myself as an artist rather than as a pop star.

Can one be both star and normal?
It is often enough to remove their feathers! Without them, I’m sometimes surprised when people look at me in the street.

You lightly what Madonna is so aggressive …
[She smiles.] Say there are several ways to achieve his ends.

Madonna sang at the Super Bowl in a Roman toga, in the middle of tanks … like you there are more than a year! Fun, no?
Many people I have remarked. I take it as a tribute.

In 2005, you have spoken publicly about your breast cancer. Looking back, did you regret?
I had no choice. It was such a shock! Three days later I had to be on stage, I had to give an explanation. Say loud and was also a way for me to make real my illness because I could not believe it. In Paris, where I was being treated, while I was in terrible condition and that frankly I did not know how things would turn out, on several occasions people have come to me or hand me a flower to wish me good luck. It was overwhelming. Throughout this period, I discovered the worst in people as the best. We realized, perhaps for the first time, I was also a woman who suffered, not just a doll smiling.
“I am cured and very romantic”

Do not you fear that you now reduced to this cancer?
Over time, people tend to forget. Not me. It does not go a day without that I think. Just as I look in the mirror: the moral and physical scars. There are days when I feel incredible anger and others when I say that in my misfortune, I was very lucky.

This test did reveal an aspect of your personality that you did not know?
I always try to give an optimistic picture. At first, I look very open, but basically, I’m pretty reserved. I knew I was strong, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who really loved me. I feel like a cat, having had several lives. In my career as in my personal life, I made enough bad decisions and found myself in the stream. Finally, I never got out not too bad.

You often say that you are fatalistic in love. It’s easy to say, but is it as easy to live?
Love, it is working. I have never believed that marriage was the culmination … There are people who think that a beautiful story that will last a lifetime. I tell myself it will last as long as it lasts, I’m less disappointed.

As you age, you are more demanding and more tolerant in your relationships?
I become wise. More tolerant, less demanding. I am very happy today, because Andres totally respect who I am. I kind of scene resplendent or I wake up haggard, it is the same. And when I go into a spin for no reason, when I feel totally clueless, I ask myself a thousand questions, which I am, what I want, I go … He is there.

Rather geisha or rather warrior …
Geisha, but it depends moments.

Are you too good about yourself as you look?
I am well and very much in love, it helps. Andres is a beautiful, friendly and also very easy going. I absolutely do not realize that I will have 44 years. I take care of myself but I can assure you that I have never resorted to plastic surgery!

Is there something you miss in life?
Yes, but I do not know what. If it was a child, I would tell you … Sometimes I just feel like running out of air. I miss something, obviously, but what exactly? I cherche.