Kylie ritira il “Courage Award” per la lotta contro il cancro [Update: Intervista sul red carpet]

By 3 Maggio 2013News

Ieri, Giovedi’ 2 Maggio, la fondazione “Woman Cancer Research Fund” ha organizzato, coma ogni anno, una serata dedicata al sostegno delle donne affette da tumore. Uno dei momenti clou dell’evento è sicuramente stata la premiazione per il “Courage Award” assegnato a Miss Kylie Minogue, riconoscendole cosi’ l’immenso coraggio dimostrato nell’aver combattuto e sconfitto questa terribile malattia che, ricordiamo, le era stata diagnosticata nel 2005 durante il suo “Showgirl Tour”.
Riconosciamo come, effettivamente, il comportamento dell’artista australiana fu esemplare, ed i frutti sono arrivati in tempi brevi considerando che la maggior parte della gente che affronta questi mali è costretta a lottare per anni.
Ospiti della serata, anche Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg e Bruno Mars, che ha allietato gli ospiti con una breve e speciale performace.

Cliccate sull’immagine qui sotto per la Gallery fotografica.

Ecco una breve intervista sul red carpet di Tony Cabrera, per il programma “On The Red Carpet” della KABC Television:

You’ve received numerous awards in your career. What makes this Courage Award special or different than the others?

“I’ve been kind of stressed about what to say for the best part of the week. I came to a conclusion. I thought, ‘It’s not an achievement award, it’s not like you had the biggest-selling album or you did something that’s, in a way, measurable.’ And then I thought, ‘You idiot, this is probably the best achievement of your life’ — going through cancer and coming out the other side.”

Can you believe it’s been seven years since fighting the disease?

“I can and I can’t. I’m reminded of it every day, sometimes in a very small way and I guess it becomes a new normal. But on the other hand, in thinking about tonight and what to say, unfortunately, it does take you back to where you don’t want to be, to difficult moments. When I was having those thoughts, it didn’t seem that long ago because it’s such an intense time.”

“I think if you go back to that moment, it doesn’t seem like seven years ago. But the upshot is, I’ve done a lot since then, I think it’s good to have one ambition, when you’re so down, you don’t know if you’re going to get up and mine was to get back on stage and get on the road, which I’ve done numerous times since then.”

Going through all that, even though it was a dark time, it provided hope and courage for other people going through the same thing. Is it cool to look back and see what it’s done for other people?”

“Yeah, that’s very touching. Again, that’s a byproduct of my story, but I have always liked to help people so it’s just another way that I can connect and try and help in a small way.”