“I Was Gonna Cancel”: il secondo singolo da “Kiss Me Once”

By 5 Aprile 2014Kiss Me Once, News

Negli ultimi giorni le voci che volevano “I Was Gonna Cancel” secondo singolo dell’era “Kiss Me Once” si sono fatte piu’ insistenti. Ieri mattinaq è addirittura venuta fuori una foto del promo destinato alle radio e venduto su ebay per la modica cifra di 150 Sterline. Cosi’ ci ha pensato Kylie a ufficializzare la notizia: intervistata da Rolling Stone, ha parlato di “Sexercize”, del tour e dei processi di realizzazione dell’album, soffermandosi proprio sulla collaborazione con Pharrel:

How was working with Pharrell? He’s had such a great year.
Yes, he’s had a vintage year. [Laughs] I was really excited, because I would have loved to have worked with him years ago, so the time was meant to be for this album. It was interesting — I had a meltdown on day two in the studio, but that gave way to a fantastic song [“I Was Gonna Cancel”], which will be my second single.

I was actually wondering if the next single was going to be the Enrique Iglesias duet “Beautiful,” which seems like it’s going to become a wedding staple.
We’re hoping that’ll be a single as well. I hope we have four singles from the record — that’ll be amazing. “Kiss Me Once” is a contender as well.

Credit: Matt Joy

Credit: Matt Joy

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