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Un fulmine a ciel sereno: ha appena annunciato che le date tedesche di Monaco, Amburgo, Berlino e Cologne sono state cancellate per problemi finanziari del PR tedesco CT creative Talent GmbH.
Ecco di seguito l’annuncio ufficiale:

German Lovers,
I am extremely disappointed that due to financial difficulties of the German promoter CT Creative Talent GmbH, I am unable to perform the scheduled shows in Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. The Administrator who is now controlling CT Creative Talent GmbH, is unable to confirm that we have the venues and facilities needed to be able to put on the shows.
On my behalf, my management team at Roc Nation are trying to work out a way that we may be able to make up for the disappointment, both to the fans who have purchased tickets, all of my creative and technical team on the KMO tour and also myself. I have always had great support in Germany from a loyal and loving fan base and I can’t stress enough how difficult and disappointing it is to be ready to play the shows and to have been let down at the last minute.
CT Creative Talent GmbH is not the promoter for any of the other shows on the KMO tour outside of Germany and therefore this does not affect, in any way, any other shows.
Please keep an eye on this space so we can update you all with any developments.

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